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Piano Tuning and Repair

Residential Tunings

Are you having an event in your home or hosting the holidays and you want your piano to sing again? You will get more enjoyment from your instrument when you keep it in tune.

A properly tuned piano beckons to be played. Students of all levels find practicing more enjoyable and will play more frequently, as well as more productively.

Please call me to schedule a tuning to bring back that rich and musical tone to your piano.

Barry's services include:

  • Basic Piano Tuning
  • Pitch Raises
  • Replacement of Broken and Missing Strings
  • Repair of Broken Keys and Dampers
  • Repair or Replace Broken Hammers

Schools, Religious Institutions, Restaurants and Function Halls

Pianos that are in the above environments experience more wear and tear and go out of tune more frequently. The performance halls where these pianos are located are larger than in a home and this causes more variation in temperature. Many times these pianos are moved from one place to another causing instability. As a result, these pianos will require more frequent tunings than in a home.

A choir needs the piano to be right at concert pitch so the vocalists don’t strain their voices to match the out of tune piano. This is true for stringed instruments as well that will be accompanying the piano. For example if the piano is too high, (sharp), stringed instruments such as violins and guitars are put under too much tension to stay in tune with the piano. This will cause the strings on the stringed instruments to break.

Service contracts are available to keep these pianos in top playing condition.

My service area includes all of the North Shore of Boston including Cape Anne.